Hear from a young family and their creative engagement with Sanctity of Human Life. 

We are in full swing celebrating the Sanctity of Human Life this month and one of our long standing church partners, Rolling Hills Community Church, shared a great story with us. Hear from a family and their young children who participated in our mission and purposed to participate in our Baby Bottle Drive in a unique and creative way.

We were making cookies one afternoon last week and my son had an idea that we put into action. 

He came up with the plan to package and sell the baked cookies to our neighbors in order to fill up the baby bottles that my boys had received at church the week prior. They put their little minds to work and used resources and innovation that they formulated all on their own.

So together we put them in bags and sold them, 3 for a $1.

We brought the bulletin and explained where the money was going. It would help women, children, students and families. The people in our neighborhood were very generous beyond our asking price!

Our two boys enjoyed this experience and learned that someone they don’t even know will benefit from their hard work. Thanks for letting a proud mama share.

We believe churches and organizations function better when they work together to serve the body of Christ.