When you picture the type of person that comes into one of our centers, what do you see?

Recently, a young, happily married, Christian woman who never thought she would need to consider abortion came into one of our centers.

Overwhelming financial burdens, exhaustion from four other children and a virus she could pass on to her unborn child were all reasons for Tasha to consider abortion.

Two of her four children were already infected, and the thought of one more child suffering because of her was soul crushing. She considered how terrible abortion would be, but the timing of this pregnancy just didn’t feel right. She cried as the peer counselor reviewed the procedures and the emotional risks involved with the choice she thought she’d never have to make. They talked about timing of things being so far out of our control and how God’s ways differ from ours.

They then discussed how throughout the bible the timing of many births seemed to be in not the best circumstances, often times putting both the baby and mother at risk. Together, they recalled how Moses’ mother gave birth in secret and protected him from death, Sarah in her old age gave birth to Issac, and Mary, who just a young teenage girl became pregnant and bore Jesus.

Tasha was beginning to weigh in and agree that nothing happens by coincidence and recognize that some of the greatest gifts in life happen unexpectedly.

The peer counselor shared that God’s timing, even on that specific day, was perfect. Not only could she speak first hand about the emotional devastation involved with abortion, but she too, could relate because a close family member also suffers with the same virus.

Not only could she speak first hand about the emotional devastation involved with abortion, but she too, could relate because a close family member also suffers with the same virus.

Because we do not have a “typical” client at our Pregnancy Centers, we never know what to expect. What we do know, is that we have the amazing opportunity to offer one-on-one heart conversations, compassionate care, hope and life giving resources to women, students and families all over our city in a non-political, non-judgmental way.

Tasha was met with compassion and encouraged toward hope, instead of being defeated with condemnation or judgment. Together they prayed and hugged. She was thankful for the helpful information and resources to read over that night. It was too early for an ultrasound, but she promised to spend time asking God for direction and said she would wait a little while longer before making such a big decision.

During the most recent conversation, Tasha shared with her peer counselor that she had sought the Lord and put much thought into her decision and was planning to have her baby!


Generosity makes our world a better place, as it improves the life of the receiver and blesses the life of the giver. We invite you to be a part of helping us steward the mission God has called us to in living out His heart to restore His Image in the lives of those who are impacted by sexual brokenness and abortion. Let’s love on those who are vulnerable in Portland, keep the momentum strong throughout each season and give to help women like Tasha.