Join us for an interview between First Image CEO, Larry Gadbaugh and Dr. Gerry Breshears. Dr. Breshears shares insight and the unique biblical truth of the image of God and it’s implications for our mission.

Larry has enjoyed friendship with Gerry as well as the classes he took under him at Western Seminary. They have served together when Larry was the Pastor at Grace Community Church in Gresham, and Gerry recently completed a six-year term on our board, where he provided essential biblical and pastoral guidance as we shepherd the mission of First Image to our city. 

As Christians, we understand that every person is created in the image of God. What does that mean for a ministry like First Image?

As Christians, we understand that every person, no matter how weak or helpless, deserves full respect as a human person. That means that unborn babies deserve our protection as human persons. It also means we have a mission to help women who have been traumatized by abortion to experience God’s healing because they too are fully human persons.

How does the conviction that every person is created in God’s image help us to appeal to our neighbors to view human life from God’s perspective?

As God’s image-bearers ourselves, we have responsibility to act with the love and mercy of God everywhere we go. My neighbor is also an image- bearer, so I can appeal to them as someone who has a basic sense of “goodness” that resonates with them. I can partner with the Spirit to call them to protect and nurture life, instead of terminate it.

How does this conviction affect how we respond to a person making a difficult decision about their pregnancy?

As God’s representative, which is what image-bearing means, I want to show God’s compassion and grace, faithfulness, love and forgiveness to that person, as well as His sense of justice and responsibility. I want to call that person to experience that mercy and grace of God in their own life. PRC helps the Christian community to be one of the rare places where they will hear that message.

How can First Image better serve the mission of our local churches in greater Portland?

First Image serves as a specialized agency with expertise in helping people make life-affirming decisions. We extend the mission of the church and the kingdom work that we are called to do together.

Gerry, how has serving with First Image impacted you?

Serving with the ministry has helped me see the very high level of professionalism carried out in every aspect of the ministry. It has given me great confidence in the integrity and expertise of the organization.